Evaluation of an IP Fabric network architecture for CERN's data center

And another one CLOS design.
This stuff is not so modern, but quite interesting and illustrates some useful design approaches.

Evaluation of an IP Fabric network architecture for CERN's data center

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Getting in touch with RIFT

I’ve recently taken a closer look at RIFT(Routing in Fat Trees) protocol.

Some details below.

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OpenFlow in RouterOS.

I’ve updated my home’s Mikrotik to 6.6 software and I see Openflow configuration context, I surprised, really surprised again.

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EMC Ionix

Now, I have pilot installation of EMC Ionix and network topology discovering process in progress. Looks awesome.

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NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking offers a simple solution for complex networks.

ntroduced in 2011, and installed in production networks around the world, NEC ProgrammableFlow® Networking Suite was the first commercially available Software-Defined Network (SDN) solution to leverage the OpenFlow protocol, enabling full network virtualization and allowing enterprises, data centers and service providers to easily deploy, control, monitor and manage secure multi-tenant network infrastructure.

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Next one vswitch

IBM System Networking Distributed Virtual Switch 5000V provides managed, advanced networking functionality for virtual machines in VMware vSphere 5.0 environment

yeaah, go ahead)) where is HP?

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VMware vswitches, next ones

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Cisco ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall

The ASA 1000V employs mainstream, proven Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) technology, optimized for highly secure multi-tenant virtual and cloud infrastructure at the edge. This helps to enable consistency across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. The ASA 1000V will start shipping in the first half of 2012.

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It sounds interesting..

Juniper QFabric System

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